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Why are the ARU punishing our youth rugby players

Lets Start by stating that I am over 60 – and have been coaching for more than half that time

mostly at youth level in Australia and other part of the world .

I am disgusted with the current state of affairs with regard to Super Rugby – but before I  launch into this I need to ask three simple questions of the powers that are failing our youth rugby players.

Question One : What does A.R.U. Stand for – is it not Australia Rugby Union

Question Two : What does SANZAR Stand for – is it not South Africa, New Zealand, Australian Rugby

Question Three :  What Does W.R.U Stand for and no its not welsh rugby its World Rugby Union

If the answers to the three questions are correct then why are we promoting Japanese Rugby and Argentinian Rugby in Lieu of our own

A simple Question ? Can we get an answer ?

There are many out there that will get on the rant about the global development of the game – sorry but that is the role of the W.R.U. the worlds governing body, not that of the A.R.U. the Australian Rugby Union the union that has a responsibility for the development of the game in Australia . Yes they may well have charged us to assist them to develop the Southern hemisphere – Note that Japan is not in the Southern hemisphere and neither is Argentina.

Club rugby in Australia in in the shit – Junior rugby is losing numbers – Youth rugby is losing numbers – and do not be fooled by the bullshit that is put out the the game is developing – it isn’t – its going backwards fast. The only part of the game that is developing is the ladies and girls elements .

We can all come up with dozens of reasons for this loss of numbers – it would all be helped by a better standard of Super ?? Rugby , Club Rugby and Youth development ( State and Interstate rugby) and that needs the almighty dollar –

What are we spending on the games being played in Japan, Argentina, Singapore – Bottom Line a hell of a lot of wasted money and that is either accumulating debt in our Super Franchises or being diverted from where it should be going.

To be blunt why not dump three teams – SunWolves , Argentina, Kings (or the bottom team in SA at the end of this year) bring it back to 14 Teams – 13 games , plus the finals and get on with International Rugby.

Play the first round all at home ( get rid of the cobwebs) = 4 games then 2 in South Africa , Then 2 or 3 in NZ , (alternate years) no more than 2 weeks away from home at any one time. on the road for 4 weeks in total.

(Before you start – Play one game say Force v Reds in W.A. in 2018 and then in Qld in 2019 and the same applies to the other countries , then we all know a year in advance where the hell the games are and we can plan to travel to see them.

Japan and Argentina

Invite Japan and Argentina into the 5 Nations Competition – Australia , NZ, South Africa, Japan and Argentina – Play 4 or 8 games and finish – no more 3 games between Aust and the Kiwis –  Add our National Under 20’s into the same 5 nations – and the Ladies Team.

Play one game in each main franchise area – not including ACT – (damn close to Sydney) and spread the game ! every year !!

Keep the under 20 Franchise Teams playing one round of home games at the beginning of the competition and then select and train the 20’s for the 5 Nations

Gold Squads

Get rid of the Gold Squads and stop this in house mismanagement that is going on – by all means each state have a development team at 14, 16 and 18 (schools players) with limited training time ( not the 12 months of the year we are seeing now – get rid of the ego building systems that are going on now with a large proportion of kids who then miss out on the 18’s and 20’s level and drop out of the game – This would give Four (4) attempts by the average kid to make the grade and would also allow for slow development . Bring back the self funded or fund raised tours , and even hold the tried and tested National Championships moving around the various states and not centralised in One State etc.

Simplfy the system , reduce the costs , develop club coaches from 14 to 20’s and not just franchise coaches with a job for the boys attitude that is prevalent now in Perth especially.

Well the rant is over  I know that we have a limited audience – but its pissing me off that it should be simple , as is the game.


“We’re happy with where we’re at and we’ll just keep working away making sure we are ready for that first game” – Tana Umaga.


Umaga delighted with Blues’ progress


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